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What is the difference between a quartet and trio?

A quartet consists of two violins, one viola, and one cello.  A trio can either be two violins and cello, or violin/viola/cello.  One of the inner voices is removed.  

Can a trio/duo still play the same songs as a quartet?


What if I would like to add a different instrument?

Atoka Strings has incorporated other instruments such as guitar, harp, flute, trumpet, saxophone, and drums upon special request.  We are always willing to do what it takes to create the vision the client desires.  It is important to keep in mind that sometimes the availability of outside musicians are limited, and they may also work on a different pay rate.  That being said, we will do our best to make an idea work.

What if I would like a song played that is not on your repertoire list?

We will gladly acquire or arrange the music you would like for an additional fee.

Do you have any recent videos from weddings you have done?

The videos on this website are an accurate representation of what we do. We also do not record at weddings as they are private events.

Can I get a recording of the processional (or other) music?

You can request a recording for $25 up to 1 week before and $50 within the week of the event, with the understanding that it will just be the Violin 1 part (melody).  We unfortunately do not have the opportunity to get together and record every time someone would like to hear their specific song. The melody should suffice for practice/sound purposes.

Can I send a YouTube video if you don't have the specific song listed in your repertoire?

You can, however we will ultimately need the sheet music to play from. We can purchase/arrange it for an additional fee.

Should I submit the timing in minutes/seconds for our walks down the aisle?

 As mentioned above, we time our cadences based on watching, not with a clock.  Focus on enjoying your walk down the aisle and saying your vows, and let us do the rest. :-)

Can I specify sections by the minute/second from videos on YouTube, or specific measure numbers from sheet music?

We are always happy to hear what you want for your music!  Please bear in mind that it is very likely that our arrangement is not the exact same as a video or other sheet music. We can take specification as a guide, but it may still sound a little different.  Part of having live music means the element of it not sound precisely like a recording!

Do you attend the rehearsal for weddings?

No we do not ~ Every run-through is different every time.  How we time our music is by watching the last person arrive at the altar and creating a cadence point to line up with that. This is what makes live music different than recordings, where typically the sound is just turned down.

Do you need anything from the clients on the day of?

We do require arm-less chairs provided at the venue, an area with access to shelter, certain distance from guests, and adequate lighting to be able to read sheet music. If the weather has decided to be difficult, then an understanding that we might have to adapt plan A as indicated in our contract, for protection of the instruments. 

Should I add amplification?

We recommend adding the amplification package for receptions and cocktails with over 150 people.  Once folks get to drinking and chatting, it can get pretty loud!

Can you offer a microphone for the ceremony?



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